WHO you calling “a nappy haired HO?” Don Imus suing CBS for $40 MILLION for breach of contract!



Just in from WASHINGTON…Fired radio host Don Imus plans to sue CBS for breach of contract, saying the radio network approved the racially charged language that led to his removal, his lawyer said on Friday.

Attorney Martin Garbus told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that CBS and MSNBC indicated their approval of Imus’s remarks by failing to use delay buttons to prevent the comments from going on the air.

The former radio host called the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball team “nappy headed hos” on his early morning show last month, stirring an uproar about the remarks that many people found racially offensive.


“He has said similar things before. So you can’t say there was anything different, and the guys who were operating the delay button understood that,” Garbus said.

“CBS basically approved the language,” he added.

Imus is expected to file a $40 million breach-of-contract suit against CBS next week, the New York Times reported on Friday.

CBS could not immediately be reached for comment, but the Times quoted the network as saying: “We terminated Mr. Imus for cause. Based on the comments in question and relevant contract terms, we believe that the termination was appropriate.”


Thank you Reuters for this report
40 Million…WOW…I knew he wasn’t out of the picture yet…things were way to quite on the western front to suit my tastes.

I am not in on this fight…he apologied to the Ladies from the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team and I am satisfied…perhaps “A” CBS representative should have done the same!

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on May 8, 2007.

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