NO GAS on MONDAY…BOYCOTT Chevron, Mobil and Exxon every day!!!



NO GAS BUYING ON MONDAY…REMEMBER…YOU ALSO MIGHT WANT TO NOT BUY chevron, Mobil, Exxon…any time…these gas companies are the leaders in what gas costs!


Hurt them where it counts the most…just like they are hurting your wallet.
NO Mobil, Exxon or Chevron!
Tell your friends and everyone you see at the PUMPS!


~The Baby Boomer Queen

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on May 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “NO GAS on MONDAY…BOYCOTT Chevron, Mobil and Exxon every day!!!”

  1. (A canadian e-mail campaign – please help)


    Time to do something now. Even the news organizations realize we are being taken advantage of (see below). 1 day boycotts do nothing. There is only one way to really affect the price of gas. Boycott one company at a time until they drop the price.. That’s right! Not 1 day, 1 week or 1 month – only when they drop the price to a “reasonable” level. What is a reasonable level?? A current news story suggests we are paying 15 cents per litre more than we should be (considering today’s market forces). SO – BOYCOTT SHELL UNTIL THE PRICE DROPS 15 CENTS PER LITRE.

    Why Shell?? Why not? We have to start somewhere and they need to know where (as each of us do). If you are worried about your local gas station operator – don’t – they are protected by a minimum profit margin in the case of gas wars – just ask. What next? When Shell stations drop the price to 15 cents below the current price in your area BUY FROM THEM and boycott ESSO!! NEXT = PETRO-CAN, HUSKY, MOHAWK, and so on..

    Then start again – until the gas price at the pump is reasonable for the current market and the time of year. How will we know when the price is “reasonable” then? I suggest that everyone (including the local media) keeps an eye on this site . It has a “Gasoline Price Gouge Meter” to check your area and what you should be paying.


    The Toronto Star: “Gas costs 15¢ too much: Report”
    OTTAWA–Canadians are being gouged at the gas pumps, paying in excess of 15 cents a litre more for gasoline than justified by costs and historic petroleum industry profit margins, says a report being released today by a think-tank.

    CBC News: “Pump prices jump overnight”
    Consumers are aggravated by an overnight spike in the price of gas that’s forced motorists to pay as much as $1..28 per litre in Vancouver and $1.18 in Montreal on Tuesday.

    “Consumers are exhausted and frustrated,” said Bruce Cran, president of the Consumers’ Association of Canada.

    “We’ve got no satisfactory explanations as to why these huge price rises take place year after year,” he said, noting his group fielded hundreds of calls from angry consumers”

    CBC News: “1-day gas boycott won’t make prices fall, analyst says”

    Consumers frustrated with the cost of gas have launched an online campaign urging others to boycott gas stations on Tuesday, a movement that analysts say will not likely force prices to drop.

    An e-mail circulating in Canada and the U.S. urges consumers to hold off topping up their fuel on May 15 in an effort to force oil companies to lower their prices. According to the website, which explores urban legends, the first boycott was organized in 1999 with several others rolling out since then. The national average for a litre of gasoline in Canada has reached $1.149, according to the gas monitoring website

  2. Thank you for that great comment…that was some great info!

    Please come back often and post lots.

    You might waqnt to check out my sister blog as well and post on it. on word post …

    Smiles, world peace and CHEAPER gas…
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    Please let me know about the rumor that Chevron has signed a contract with Chavez in Veneszala?

    Thank you.

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