DO you Remmeber GODZILLA…I do!


I was strolling thru some blogs and came across a site that had a great pic of GODZILLA on it…it read GODZILLA LOVES TACO!

I had forgotten all about Godzilla.

I love Godzilla movies! I have all of them. I havent watched TV for almost a year so I dont think about them any more…


When one thinks about Godzilla one must remember that those where from an other country.

And the amazing pont is that Raymod Burr was on it!

That crackes me up…from GODZILLA to him being the best attorney on the face of the earth…Perry Mason!

For those of you who liked Godzilla and other oriental horror films…I hope you go and watch one soon…they are still available to rent and buy…I picked some up a couple years ago.

94835173_0bbfef62e2_m.jpg~The Baby Boomer Queen~187600609_902e754621_m.jpg

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on May 15, 2007.

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