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<strong>An estimated 40,000 people in the United States are involved in professional dogfighting, an illegal blood sport with fight purses as high as $100,000.</strong>
Police search on July 6 behind a home owned by Michael Vick in Smithfield, Virginia.

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 The latest accusations against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and three other people highlight the problem. They are accused in an indictment that describes dogs being routinely executed if they didn’t fight fiercely. The indictment was handed down Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Richmond, Virginia.

The nightmare of dogfighting is growing, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

John Goodwin, an expert on animal fighting with the Humane Society, says there are an estimated 40,000 professional dogfighters in the United States, involved in putting on fights and buying and selling fighting dogs.  Watch what goes on at a high-stakes dog fight »

But, Goodwin adds, there could be as many as 100,000 additional people involved in “streetfighting” — informal dogfighting, often involving young people in gangs.

“It’s far more pervasive than people think and it’s definitely been on the upswing in the past five to 10 years,” he told CNN.

Statistics from animal shelters give another indicator of the rise in dogfighting, Goodwin said. Fifteen years ago, 2 to 3 percent of the dogs coming into animal shelters were pit bulls; now, he said, pit bulls make up about a third. At one shelter in Jersey City, New Jersey, Goodwin said, the figure is 65 percent, with 20 percent of them showing the scars that indicate they have been fighting dogs.

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A database run by animal advocacy group Pet-abuse.com, which collects reports of animal abuse, shows reports of dogfighting cases increased from 16 in 2000 to 127 in 2006. The group has found 74 cases reported so far this year.

Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states. It’s a misdemeanor in Idaho and Wyoming, and a felony everywhere else. But in some states where dogfighting is a felony, it’s still perfectly legal to own a fighting dog or be a spectator at a dogfight.  See where it’s legal to be a spectator »

A bill signed by President Bush in May made the federal law against dogfighting tougher, by strengthening penalties to felony level. The law bans interstate commerce, import and export related to animal fighting activities. Violators can now be sentenced to three years in jail and a $250,000 fine. Previously the maximum sentence was a year in jail.
Despite the laws, dogfighting is big business. Goodwin said it’s impossible to estimate the amount of money involved, but the purse for a top-level professional fight could be $100,000.

“There are about a dozen underground dogfighting magazines, and about half a dozen … registries that are exclusively used by either dogfighters or people that are fighting dog enthusiasts,” Goodwin said. “You have an organized infrastructure for what is a criminal industry.”
Thank you CNN News
I have cruelty in any sence of the word…espacially where animals, children and the elderly are involved!

Thumbs down on Michael Vick!
~The Baby Boomer Queen~

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on July 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “…DOG FIGHTING not only POPULAR but PROFITABLE…”

  1. as a multi pitbull owner, i think the media should not just focus on and only inform the population of american of the bad these breeds do but the positive they are great dogs. i will never own another breed besides a pitbull.

  2. I love all kinds of Terriers, they are my heart and have my heart. Mine are Wired Haired Fox Terriers.

    Pit Bulls are only focused on because they are what most of the dog fighters are using as an expendable tool towards gambling and what ever excitement they achieve form this sport.

    The reason, in my book is that they are fearless dogs. Smart and sturdy. And they NEVER forget. Terriers are like that…you raise your hand to them just once and they will remember.

    So, to teach them to fight, is just another game to them. They’re aggressive dogs and a lot of terriers are alpha dogs, even the females. This is because they are so intelligent.

    Those who have Terrier know they are a special; breed of dog. Look at how popular “SPUDS” was…his breed is also used for fighting…

    Anyone who takes the time to research what kind of dog they are looking for, will know how loyal, smart, good with children and yet protective, Pit Bulls are.

    I am glad you are a dog lover.

    The next time you need a new dog, please go to your local dog pound and save a life. They, for some reason, never forget that you saved them.

    Grey Hounds and Pit Bulls have been used and abused for many years, here in the U.S.A.

    Thank you for coming to my blog and sharing with us your info about Pit Bulls…send us a pic sometime, I will post your furry friends.

    Smiles, warm, wet noses and world peace,

    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  3. I certainly do not condemn or condon the actions of Michael Vick and do believe he should be indicted, whether he is an active participant or some imbecile that claims he doesn’t know what’s taking place on his property – (sure I believe that ;( ) He would not be indicted if the 2 groups, the Feds and VIrginia did not have enough evidence.


    The Humane Society of the United States -(not the ones that just happen to have HS attache to their name) – is one of the biggest sponsors of the California Assembly Bill 1634 sponsored by Lloyd Levine re the euthanization of rescue animals and the ages of spay/neuter (6 mos) for all animals – yes all animals, among a list of other moronic regulations.

    I personally find the humane society to be an antigonist and activist organization, along with their sister organization PETA.

    Already, they are begging for money in attempts to say it is for investigating and paying for a prosecuting attorney. I believe HSUS has 12 attorneys working against people who own animals. HSUS is WORTH MILLIONS – yet they DO NOT HAVE BUT ONE ANIMAL SHELTER and IT IS FULL and they are NOT EXPANDING.

    HSUS ??? They have YET TO EXPLAIN WHERE THE MILLIONS of $$$$ went that was DONATED BY PEOPLE LIKE US. I do know they helped build back LA SPCA’s building with GREAT improvements. However, what happene to the MILLIONS NOT SPENT ON HURRICANE KATRINA and RITA pets and animals ???

    How about opening up about 10 large RESCUE and ADOPTION shelters across the United States and posting those animals available and organizing transportation ???

    PeTA ???? Based on a bungling of evidence, you got off lucky lying to veterinarians, animal shelters, and people about the dogs collected in Carolina……. PeTA KILLED THEM and DUMPED dogs and cats in a DUMPSTER that belonged to ANOTHER COMPANY. Their bodies were collected …… the reliquishers identified kittens, dogs, and puppies THEY THOUGHT PeTA would save !!!! Among them were 2 purebred Dalmtians Toby and Anna that a Dalmatian rescue wanted to take;; PeTA said they would HAVE NO PROBLEM PLACING THEM IN GOOD HOMES – – – YET THEY KILLED THESE DOGS before even leaving the city !!!!!

    PeTA may need to pay for more attorneys

    No, they are funding and paying for campaigns against people who own pets, both cats and dogs, people who have working dogs, police dogs, service dogs & cats, show dogs, show cats, etc. Most of these regulations would not be enforced. The regulations that California has now are not enforced. They simply don’t have enough employees to do so. Several amendments were made; this created more hard to enforce regulations. The HSUS and PeTA ignore the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH that early spaying and neutering is NOT HEALTHY !!!! They did relinguish and change the Bill to say S/N at 6 months instead of the ORIGINAL MANDATORY SPAY & NEUTER AT $ MONTHS.

    There is a HUGE list of groups opposing this Bill, yet PeTA and HSUS continue to push on passing it. There are so many veterinarians against this ( the very ones who would PROFIT from this bill) that the California Veterinary Medical Association backed off from initiatially supporting it to remaining NEUTRAL>>>> that is a STATEMENT in itself.

    The NUMBER 1 reason Bill 1634 should not pass in California or anywhere else, it that this type of Bill TELLS us what we MUST DO with OUR PROPERTY. If something like this were to pass, it would be even easier to seek amendments on the Bill that further clamp down on animals lovers.

    HOW about passing a Bill that hires a large investigative group with police or state trooper powers to arrest DOG FIGHTERS, PET ABUSERS, PET NEGLECT, and offending PET COMMERCIAL MILLS.

    I suspect M. Vick has been involved with dog fighting for quite a while.


    Dalmatian at protest over PETA killing Dals.


    Day 9 of PeTA trial


    Day 10 of PeTA trial

    last day of Trial is so deceiving and hypocritical


    ‘ The PeTA End of “Happy” the little dog ‘

    Last week Bertie County Animal Control Officer Barry Anderson testified that he trusted Adria Hinkle so much that he asked her to find an adoptive home for one of his own pets

    . It was a terrier named “Happy.” This is what Anderson said on the witness stand last week:

    “I knew that by talking to Ms. Hinkle that she could possibly find a home for it, someone that was looking for a good dog … To my understanding, she found a home for it in Virginia .”

    Not so much. Hinkle testified today that “the only time I can remember leaving with a dog alive would have been Happy.”

    And although Anderson thought the dog at least had a chance at a better life, she killed it when she got back to PETA’s Norfolk headquarters.

    Wait. It gets worse.

    She sent Anderson photos of the dog taken on the way back to Norfolk . Happy was pictured wearing a leash and a collar, in a flower garden in front of a brick house.

    We’re not making this up.

    Here’s how District Attorney Valerie Asbell questioned Adria about those photos:

    Asbell: “How did these pictures get back in the possession of [Animal Control Officer] Barry Anderson?

    Hinkle: “I sent them to him.”

    Asbell: “Why?”

    Hinkle: “I thought he would appreciate them. I knew that it was a very hard decision for him to give Happy up.”

    Asbell: “And when you sent these pictures back to him, did you tell him that ‘I killed the dog in Norfolk ‘?”

    Hinkle: “No.”

    Asbell: “Why not?”

    Hinkle: “I didn’t think it was necessary.”

    Asbell: “Why?”

    Hinkle: “I don’t know.”

    Asbell: “When he gave you this dog, and entrusted you to take it and adopt it, out, why did you not tell him that you killed it?”

    Hinkle: “No reason. I didn’t want to hurt Barry’s feelings.”

    Asbell: “If you didn’t want to hurt his feelings, why didn’t you leave the dog with him?”

    Hinkle: “I don’t know.”

    R.I.P., Happy.

    PeTA : Ethical, shmethical.

    last day of Trial is so deceiving and hypocritical


  4. Hello Gina…

    WOW wow WOW…that is an amazing comment…you opened my eyes to some things I did not know…I can certainly see why you rant…

    There is so much evil out there, liars, greed, deception. Coorporate America [or call it what you will] has taken away our need and instint to be human!

    Large populations of animals, bugs, mammals and fowl are becoing extinct dayly…like the dinosaur. One day, who knows, perhaps the computers will take over and people will come n the endangered list.

    Would that be poetic justice? Let’s hope for mankinds sake, NO!

    Thank you for coming to my site and posting a comment. I hope you will come back soon and often.

    Perhaps we should blog roll, since we are on the same side of the fence?

    Smiles world peace and wet noses.
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  5. “I am your nurse… and you are my hospital.”
    Raymond Stolp, 2003

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