Police doubt Virginia MASSACRE was rehearsed…

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In from ROANOKE, Virginia, two days before the Virginia Tech massacre, witnesses saw a suspicious man in a hooded sweat shirt and the doors of the building where Seung Hui Cho killed 30 people were chained shut, police said Friday.
Virginia State Police Superintendent Steve Flaherty said “it was speculation” to suggest the attack was rehearsed.

Cho Seung Hui chained the doors of Norris Hall before his rampage there, but investigators said they had no indication he was the person who had chained the exits the first time.

“It would be speculation to suggest that he was practicing locking the doors,” State Police Superintendent Col. Steve Flaherty said in the first update on the investigation in months.

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Cho, a mentally disturbed student, killed 29 students and faculty members at Norris Hall after fatally shooting two people in a dormitory April 16. He killed himself as police broke through the chained doors of Norris Hall.

Authorities have yet to find evidence linking Cho to any of his victims, nothing suggesting he had an accomplice and nothing to clear up his motive.

“Why West Ambler-Johnston? Why Emily Hilscher? We don’t know,” Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum said. Hilscher was one of Cho’s first victims, shot to death in her West Ambler-Johnston dormitory.

Since the dormitory was locked early that morning, “we believe Cho waited for some unsuspecting individual to walk in or out of West Ambler-Johnston and then took the opportunity to enter the dorm,” Flinchum said.

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Investigators have not found the hard drive to Cho’s computers, Flaherty said. 

“That’s a piece of evidence we would love to find, along with his cell phone and possibly some other documents,” he said.

A state panel that Gov. Timothy M. Kaine appointed to look into the shootings the worst in modern U.S. history, is expected to issue a report next month.
Thank you AP News
It might not have been rehersed but it was plannned out.

I will never forget the day that President Kennedy was killed, 911 or this horrific action.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on August 11, 2007.

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