Fellow Students at Success Tech Academy say…no one took the shooter serious!”

*********Ohio school shooter gave many warnings*********

Fellow students say they and school authorities didn’t take Asa Coon’s threats of violence seriously before the 14 year old’s shooting rampage at his Cleveland high school on Wednesday.

Rasheem Smith said he and fellow students had voiced concerns to faculty about Asa Coon.

Coon killed himself after wounding two teachers and two other students at SuccessTech Academy. The youth had a history of violent confrontations and had been suspended after a fistfight on Monday.

A student who said he was friends with Coon said Coon had warned him a month ago that he was going to snap someday.

“He said if he did shoot up the school he’d let me and some other dude he knew go and all that, but I didn’t think he actually meant that,” the friend said. “I thought he was just kidding around.”

Meanwhile on Thursday, Coon’s brother Stephen Coon, 19, was led out of his home in handcuffs, The Associated Press reported.

Family members called his name as officers placed him in an unmarked car as several officers went into the house, the AP said. It’s unclear why Coon was taken into custody, the AP said.

“Please have respect, I just lost my brother,” Coon said as officers led him from the house, according to AP.

On CBS’ “Early Show” Thursday morning, student Rasheem Smith said the school’s principal, Johneita Durant, had not found time to discuss students’ concerns about Asa Coon, the AP reported.

Other students said Coon was a “Goth” who usually wore black clothes and a trench coat and strapped an empty gun belt to his leg. He was an atheist and a devoted follower of Goth rocker Marilyn Manson.

A schoolmate said Coon had been beaten up Monday after saying “F— God” during an argument.

“He got beat up and he came back today, and I knew something was going to happen,” the student said outside the school Wednesday afternoon. “Yesterday I was like, ‘I’m not coming to school, man. This dude might come up here and shoot us up.’ ”

Another student said Coon gave a clear warning.

“When he got suspended he said, ‘I got something for y’all,’ ” she said. “I thought he was just playing, because he, like, said that all the time. But I see that he was for real.”

“I told my friends in the class that he had a gun and stuff,” Smith said. “He was talking about doing it last week. I don’t know why they didn’t say nothing.

“We talked to the principal. She would try to get us all in the office, but it would always be too busy for it to happen.”

A message left at Durant’s office was not immediately returned, the AP reported, and a phone call to her home was not answered.

A court magistrate ordered psychological testing and family therapy for Coon after he slapped his mother in 2006, but Coon was not cooperative; he eventually was placed in an interim shelter, where he attempted suicide, The Plain Dealer newspaper reported, citing court and Department of Children and Family Services records.

He wound up in a downtown detention center and then a mental hospital, where staff determined he might be bipolar but suggested further evaluation, according to The Plain Dealer.

Eventually he was released to home detention and enrolled in SuccessTech, a small magnet school for gifted and troubled students where Coon frequently clashed with teachers and other students.

“I ain’t justifying nothing,” a friend told CNN affiliate WOIO. “I ain’t saying he did the right thing, but I am saying he got pushed for a long time and asked them people to help, help, help, help, but nobody helped.”

A MySpace Web page purportedly created by Coon that received many messages Thursday morning was actually a fake, made by a 19 year old in Utah, the Plain Dealer reported.

Teacher Michael Grassie, 42, was recovering Thursday after surgery for a gunshot to the chest, said Ed Eckart, the city’s emergency medical services coordinator.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Claridge, chief of trauma surgery at Metro Health Medical Center, said the bullet pierced Grassie’s spleen and lodged in his back after missing his heart and spine by an inch. The bullet would not be removed, he said.

“You do not expect a teacher to get shot in the line of work,” the surgeon said. “It’s unacceptable. That’s not in his job description.”

A boy who was shot in the side and a girl who injured her knee while fleeing were expected to be released from a hospital Thursday, Eckart said.

No metal detectors were at the school on Wednesday, although the school board has portable detectors that are randomly moved from school to school, McGrath said. An armed security guard was at the front desk, McGrath said. Parents have been concerned about security at the school for some time, said Charles Blackwell, a leader of the school’s parent-teacher organization.

“We’ve been fighting to get security back for the last two, three years. They keep denying it,” Blackwell said. “The parents have written petitions, everything. We have no metal detectors in the building. It’s just ridiculous.”

City spokeswoman Maureen Harper said Cleveland Metro Schools CEO Eugene Sanders would present Mayor Frank Jackson with a new plan Friday for security in the schools.
Thank you CNN News and AP News
I was talking to someone last night about this tragedy and they fell that the reason we are having children killing children, is because of what they are putting in our food now…all of the fertilizers and the hormones…they said that we are raising a league of Zombies…

What do you think Baby Boomers…?

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on October 12, 2007.

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  1. When I heard about the shootin on the news when i got out of school i was really worried about my friend i called her immediately because i was so concerned for her im glad everybody is doing good now i hope you guys the best wishes in dont let this conflict with your work at school i love you guys and keep up the good work god bless everyone.

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