Did Drew Peterson tell Stacy Petterson he killed his last wife…Pastor says “YES”…

<strong>In BOLINGBROOK, Illinois…A former police officer’s missing wife once confided in a pastor that her husband admitted killing his third wife, the pastor said.</strong>

Former Illinois police officer Drew Peterson is considered a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife.


Former Westbrook Christian Church pastor Neil Schori told Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren in an interview broadcast Monday that Stacy Peterson told him in August that her husband, Drew Peterson, admitted killing his previous wife, Kathleen Savio.

Schori said he asked Stacy Peterson, Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, to clarify what she had said and she responded, “‘He killed Kathleen.”‘ Schori said the conversation occurred when he and Stacy Peterson met at a coffee shop.

Savio’s body was found in her bathtub in 2004 and her death initially was ruled an accidental drowning. After Stacy Peterson disappeared in October, prosecutors opened another investigation into the Savio case, and said it appears her death was a homicide staged to look like an accident. Drew Peterson has not been named a suspect in her death.

Stacy Peterson offered enough detail to be credible, said Schori, who declined to discuss the details in the interview.

“But it was very clear that this was not just speculation,” he said. “She was not jumping to conclusions.”

Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, did not immediately return an after hours phone message seeking comment from The Associated Press. But he said on the Fox program that “I’d love to get to cross examine [Schori] because there are a lot of problems with his story.”

Schori said he thought Stacy Peterson never shared the information about Savio with police. Asked why Stacy Peterson chose to stay with her husband after learning about his former wife’s death, Schori said, “My guess would be out of fear.”
Although he has not been arrested or charged, Drew Peterson, 53, has been named a suspect in Stacy Peterson’s disappearance by Illinois State Police, who have labeled the case a possible homicide.

Stacy Peterson was last seen October 28 and was reported missing by her family the next day. Drew Peterson, a member of the Bolingbrook Police Department until he quit after his wife went missing, has denied any involvement in her disappearance. He has said he believes his wife left him for another man and is alive.

Last month, the Westbrook Christian Church’s pastor of spiritual formation told The Associated Press that Stacy Peterson requested an August meeting with a member of their pastoral staff when the church made a routine call to see why she and Drew Peterson had not attended services in recent months.
The church official made a <strong>”judgment call” </strong>not to alert authorities and did not consult with other church staff, Rob Daniels said.


At the time he spoke to the AP, Daniels would not identify the clergy member who met with Stacy Peterson or say where the meeting took place.
Thank you AP News
AHHHhhhhhh…Baby Boomers the plot thickens.

BUT…why haven’t these people come forward sooner???

I am smelling a mini series, here…

Or….did she run in fear of her life and since he is a police officer and could get help covering his tracks…is she still out there…will she pop up after he is arrested for his thrids wifes death??? 

Will/would she ever feel safe?  Arrested and convicted are two different things!

Should the Pastor had come front, earlier…would we have able to get the story from Stacy Peterson…would it have saved her life?

I am glad that doesn’t rest on my shoulders.


~ by thebabyboomerqueen on December 12, 2007.

12 Responses to “Did Drew Peterson tell Stacy Petterson he killed his last wife…Pastor says “YES”…”

  1. disregarding what happened earlier, it is absolutaly strange how Drew react the disapperence his wife. He must be sad and angry about, and do not maintain such as creasy idea with stories other man ….
    Several things say against this. If Stacy won’t going a way, she could doing this any legal way, she has a right to the alamomy, property share and ……what aboput the children. Mother doesn’t leave her kids behind one day to other day.

    Anyway, who killed her is other question. But it is very pity bevause she disappeared. That bothering me, laughing about and joking about is very strange.

    I wish the grand jury take care about.

    My question: where are the children now?? What they say?? What was a last event with Mom, what said Stacy to him, before ” run away” She must say something to him, if -according her husband Drew- left the family volunterly.

  2. The story of Stacy left because of her safety concerns is plausible but not natural. In that Mommies don’t leave their babies under the hands of killer daddy. There is a lions share of the blade to be passed around allowing such a monster to enforce the LAWS! How does one get so scratched up stumbling in a bath tub with no water and then drowns to death come on. Quote from Albert Einstein: The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
    Second quote from Albert Einstein: Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

  3. The story of Stacy left because of her safety concerns is plausible but not natural. In that Mommies don’t leave their babies under the hands of killer daddy. There is a lions share of the blade to be passed around allowing such a monster to enforce the LAWS! How does one get so scratched up stumbling in a bath tub with no water and then drowns to death come on. Quote from Albert Einstein: The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
    Second quote from Albert Einstein: Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

    1 What kind of mother would leave their baby in the hands of a confessed murderer?
    2 Isn’t there enough forensics to bring charges in the third wifes death already?

  4. What was the time of death vs when Petterson called locksmith?

    What part of the blood in her hair wasn’t washed out of the slowly leaking tub, did not get investigated by the local police.

    There was a killing a couple of years ago here in Dayton, Ohio of a cop shooting off the top of his wifes head and the cop husband stated that his wife attacked him with a butcher knife and since he was cleaning his firearm he shot the top of her head off in fear that his wife is going to slice him up. After hearing this story I sent Attorney General Jim Petro a letter asking him to investigate police corruption here in Dayton and my letter was ignored by him.

    Remember Einstein and the world is a dangerous place…

    I guess this cop here in Dayton was actually loading his gun and not cleaning it as he alleged. The same people that investigated Dayton Police Officer Blake and his wifes death are the same investigators in the Petterson case in the same fact as a “POLICE DEPARTMENT COVERUP” , give us some wakeup pills please. Don’t forget what Albert said. Blake as Petterson quit working for the cops and moved on. Although it is a little premature for Petterson to uproot and move!

    If Petterson suspected fowl play why did he call a lock smith?

    Since Drew had a person with him this person could have stated that they saw Drew bust the door open or brake out a window to gain access. And since they saw him brake out the window than the window was not the source of access to a stranger breaking and entering. Petterson had everything gamed out or he thought so anyway.


    Please wake up!

    Petterson did everything needed to support his alibi such as call the locksmith. Give me a blake I mean break.

    You could look at phone records and determine that yes in fact Petterson called her number before the locksmith.

    So what just more cheap alibi talk. Are we really that stupid?

  5. The latest on the vine is Petterson cannot be prosecuted without evidence. What about the dead body God rest her soal. What it is beginning to sound like is the Aruba case. Yet the prosecutor has the body in Petterson’s third 3 third wifes death. When the court cannot find remedy with Stacey’s body and family willing to provide evidence than the justice system is in need of repair because it is broke.

    First smelt it first delt it. Petterson sniffed it right out. Yet they don’t have any evidence. Give me a brake, that is just retarted. Got the written evidence and first hand evidence from the Pastor. What do they need. A lot because there are lots of people in the local and State government that doesn’t want to see Petterson prosecuted. Is it just quidinki that the first coroner did not rule the death as a homicide and the police did not find the body position in the tub odd. Like I said there are people in position to help COVERUP.

  6. When petterson suspected fowl play and calls a locksmith he was thinking fowl play but nobody in the homicide section believed him, did they, heck it was an accident wasn’t it?. You have to be plumb stupid to believe his third wife slipped and drowned in an empty bath tub. When cops smell fowl play they don’t need to call a locksmith. I guess his sense of smell was correct. Ends up she drowned by accident and not “FOWL PLAY” dumb dumb lets not put any preasure on the police for a bogus investigation or the coroner jury for misjudgement heck lets don’t put any preasure on the procecutors office either. Lets just bury the bodies and shut up! THE WORLD IS A DANGEROUS PLACE


  8. I would like to know why does Drew Petterson and his lawyer get
    “edgy/nervous” when asked by the media about “search-parties”??? And where they should be conducted, as Drew once replied on Air/news that “I Don’t think that search-parties should be conducted in the Bushes,rivers & feilds and “remote-areas” as he would-not warrant any participation if the search parties were conducted in these areas”…But instead thinks it’s best to search in “rediculious-places” that make no since at all…This seems “very-suspicious” for one to conclude such an unfounding- determination on the “where-abouts” and concerns on a concertive-effort to really want to find and locate-Stacy…By Drews “Actions & Jestures” it’s pretty-effident that he isn’t concerned at all about the where-abouts of his wife. But at times seems to “bask-in-joy” or is “totally-delusional” about the whole case that has surrounded him and whats happened to his wife??????
    I just don’t understand Drews Acting in good faith seems very nonevident or what his motive or logic/reasoning is behind his “outlandish-antics” and “bizarre-notions”…I just think all of this adds up to one thing…”Drew-is-guilty” beyound a reasonable-doubt……!!!!!

  9. This Guys a fruit and should be locked up

  10. Hel_ yes he is guilty point period! Again the state government does not want a cop prosecuted because it will tarnish the good cops badges. Have you ever tried to sue a cop for civil rights violations. I have and you can read my case on the web 05cv0534 Mark Gessner v Alan Schroeder http://www.clerk.co.montgomery.oh.us and type in my name. I have been sueing the police dept. for years on a nobrainer case yet the law department and the judges continue to cover for the worthless cop. The reason I have been denied in my case is because the judges cover for the cops! I have many more courts to hear my case. I am not an attorney yet I am still standing and I will continue to stand for what is right, never give up. Stacey God rest her soul wants Drew to be punished for his sins he did against her. Do you see any of the news stations such as Gretta Van-whoever standing up for her, heck no and why? Because the news stations don’t want bad cops on the news! Our own government is stripping us of our rights. Please wakeup and stand for what is right. Murder is wrong yet the police does not have evidence to prosecute Drew. That is just wrong!

  11. Sorry but forgot to mention if your interested in looking at a case against a cop being sued by a citizen acting as his own attorney http://www.clerk.co.montgomery.co.us and then access the pro system and query Mark Gessner This starts with case no. 05cv0534 and the judge kicked it out on summary judgment and I appealed and won my appeal pro se. Then I took it to trial and the same nasty judge used her working dumb as_ jury and again I am in the court of appeals again. This time I will tell all to the court of appeals. This is all about police revenge, evidence tampering, witness tampering, withholding evidence,etc… Read about the appeal case at the top and look at my affidavit that I reacently filed. The judge is corrupt, the law dept. and police dept. are also corrupt. Coming to a town near you if not already there. In a nut shell I called 911 and when the cops did not show up I walked down the street and found 2 cops talking to a pimp and prostitute. The one cop standing there is a cop I filed an internal affairs complaint against 2 years prior. Well next thing I know the cops body slam me on their cruiser and hall me off to jail. The victim of the shooting was hiding from the shooter in my backyard. My wife was in our home waiting for me to return and when I didn’t she went down the street and found me locked in the cruiser. She was told that I was under arrest for felony assault against the nasty corrupt pig! I will continue to sue the nasty liar for the rest of my life if that is what it will take. After I am finished with him I will sue the Mayor the Police dept. the law dept. and several judges. Sound pretty crazy, well it is. My case against the corrupt Mayor of Dayton, OH is also there and I have just discovered new evidence to lock the mayor’s butt up in court for years to come. If you ever come to Dayton be aware of all of the snake handlers and cops. Have a nice day
    Markinthedark out for now:)


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