Help find Evan Trembley…

Hello baby Boomers…I don’t know why this young man is missing.  This was sent to me from one of my readers.

Please read and send if you see it warrants your time.  I know it will…

Please look at the picture, read what his mother says (below), then forward this message on. – Sometimes Internet Reports have produced remarkable results.

My 15 year old boy, Evan Trembley, is missing. He has been missing for a while now.Maybe if everyone passes this on, someone will see this child. That is how the girl from Stevens Point was found by circulation of her picture on tv. The internet circulates even overseas,
South America , and Canada etc.

Please pass this to everyone in your address book.  With GOD on his side he will be found.“I am asking you all, begging you to please forward this email on to anyone and everyone you know, PLEASE.

It is still not too late. Please help us. If anyone knows anything, please contact me at: HelpfindEvanTrembley@yahoocom
I am including a picture of him.
All prayers are appreciated! ! “It only takes 2 seconds to forward this.

If it was your child, you would want all the help you could get!!


~ by thebabyboomerqueen on December 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Help find Evan Trembley…”

  1. Hi,

    The Evan Trembley e-mail is a hoax. Check Snopes for more details.

    Evan sent it to friends for a joke, and they circulated it around the web.

  2. That help find Evan Trembley thing is a hoax. I just recieved the email and thought that it seemed fake so i googled the name ‘Evan Trembley’ and it came up with alot of websites explaining about this being a hoax. It started out as a joke he sent to his friends but it got out of hand and was sent to people all over the world.

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