Netizens scamming the scammers


A Canadian woman weary of E~mail scams said she is fighting Internet crooks by playing naive and wasting their time. A  Surrey, British Columbia, woman, who identified herself as Nissa, said she constantly asks scammers for more information so they’ll pay her special attention and spend less time scamming more gullible Internet users, the Vancouver (British Columbia) Province reported Tuesday.

“I think I can get a few months out of him,” she said of one scammer, who gave his name in the E~mails as “Patrick Chan,” who she has been stringing along for three weeks.

Nissa is one of an increasing number of Internet users to devote time to scamming the scammers. The results of some successful scam baiters can be seen at Web sites including and
Despite the growing trend, Canadian anti~fraud hotline Phonebusters said at least 4,000 Canadians were victimized by E~mail scams in 2007. The victims lost a collective $18 million, the company said.

155595430_c5c05260e2_m.jpg  “ON THE INTERNET, NOBODY KNOWS YOU’RE A DOG”


Thank you United Press International

There have been con men since the begining of time…be careful out there Baby Boomers. ]

They say that Prostitution is the oldest profession on the face of the earth…I think it is grafters/con men…

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

~ by thebabyboomerqueen on March 28, 2008.

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