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Charlton Heston who appeared in some 100 films in his 60 years of acting, has died at age 83…R.I.P.

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MEMPHIS, the city where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was slain, has seen bad days pass…

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The inquest for Princess Diana, continues…Dodi Al Fayeb’s Fasther makes grave claims against “Royal Dracula’s”

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CIA agrees with Pakistan on who killed former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto…

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Endangered Marine Life is focus of N.E.P.A. Bush and the Navy join hands in their VERY possible harm and demise…

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Teenage GANG Members arrested in Ft. Worth for PROSITUTION RING…for using and forcing minors!

• January 17, 2008 • 1 Comment

Sir Edmund Hillary, philanthropist, first to conquer Mt. Everest, dies at age 88, in New Zealand…heros…sports…

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